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Excellent Experiences Built on Lies?

We are in the age of experiences. Of seamless services. Where vast infrastructures move in the deeps beneath a thin layer of experiences to deliver us what we want, when we want it, at a low price. But what if it’s based on a lie? A lie that we can have these wonderful experiences without any cost to the people, economies or environments that make up the delivery chain? Christopher Roosen explores. 

Buy More By Design

We’ve built a global economy based on the consumption of products, services and experiences. To make it work, in the last fifty years, we’ve intentionally designed many socio-cultural frameworks that encourage mass consumption at an unprecedented scale. This is ecologically unsustainable and it’s time to design a different way to live. If we really want to be human centred, then we should start from the most enriched view of human experience, one where we live in equilibrium in our ecology. Then we should work backwards to figure out business models that make it work.