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Be Creative, But Colour Within the Lines

I found a sample of a school report card that highlights a stark dichotomy in how we try to teach the next generation to be creative. On one hand, we grade creativity using rigid criteria. On the other hand, rigidity is a direct contradiction to the very essence of creativity, which is about being able to flip perspectives and find the right rules to break. We can’t have it both ways. We can’t demand the next generation should embrace creative thinking, then demand they ‘colour within the lines’. Whether they are working in art, engineering, business or policy, their ability to creatively break out of existing assumptions will be the key to a better future. 

Powerful Learning Comes From A Two Thousand Year Old Idea

Want to innovate education? Maybe focus less on educational technology and more on designing how people collaborate. In this spirit, I suggest we bring back the dialectic conversation. The dialectic is an ancient Greek method of learning that uses conversation to explore complex ideas. I think the dialectic a vastly under-utilised way of learning and I offer a small invented example of a moment of conversational learning.

Innovation in Education

There is no point in talking about innovation in education until we address the incentives that quash any chance of it ever happening. Grades are the most obviously misguided incentive. Everyone reaches for grades, but they lead us away from innovation as they teach us to fear failure.