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Problem Solving is Complicated. Design is not the Panacea

George Washington died from an unknown malady in 1799. It probably didn’t help that profuse bloodletting was used to cure his fever. After all, bloodletting was a two thousand year old cure-all; a panacea used for many ailments. We have a history of turning ideas into panaceas. We’re probably doing it again with the practice of design. Design isn’t a panacea. To wrestle with the challenges of today we need to draw from everything we’ve learned as a species. Philosophy, science, history, geography, engineering, arts and economics (to name a few) all offer a powerful ways of engaging with our world. We need to be comfortable with the discomfort and ambiguity of mixing and matching many ways of thinking to suit our challenges. Lest we risk metaphorically draining the lifeblood with the single minded application of design as the only way of thinking about our problems. 

A Thinking System - Mindsets Over Processes, Activities and Tools

Creative thinking and innovation are hard and we keep looking for one discipline or one perfect process to encompass all others. History shows we are at our best when different disciplines collide with each other in a non-linear fashion. Rather than choose one discipline over another, or focusing too heavily on thinking tools, I’m in the middle of developing a flexible thinking system made up of six fundamental mindsets. Like using pieces of Lego, I’m exploring how we can use the core six mindsets to build our own custom creative thinking processes and take on any problem we face.