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How We Designed Microplastics into our Diet

Disposable plastic and mesh bags both tick all the boxes when it comes to meeting business and consumer needs, from economic and functional standpoints. But when we look at their entire life cycle, we see that plastic and mesh bags are not a good choice, but a terrible one. It’s a reminder of a question we need to ask ourselves before designing or producing anything: have we really considered the wider system impact? If design choice got us into the plastic problem we now face, then we need to think carefully about how to more responsibly design our future to avoid making the same mistakes.

Long-Term Plastic Pollution for Short-Term Profits

With our growing knowledge about plastic in the environment, it astounds me that we are still using plastic toy based promotions. These sort of promotions product temporary profits that wear off, leaving everyone with a plastic hangover. Meanwhile, our focus on short-term thinking creates long-term problems that we will deal with for generations to come. Christopher Roosen explores.