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1,300 years of Entrenched Anatomical Thinking - Habit versus Creativity

It took 1,300 years for the anatomist Andreas Vesalius to challenge the ideas of the ancient Greek physician Galen. We hope that new creative ideas will make an instant impact on those around us. That they will sweep away ideas that don’t work or haven’t been validated. However, the reality is that we are creatures of habit. Both cognitively and socially, we build edifices around our ideas; to elevate, preserve and protect them. Creative thinking is therefore a challenge to the status quo. It breaks habitual assumptions and quests for change. 

Knowledge Doesn’t Have A Price Tag

One of the risks of binding everything we do to a price tag is that we began to attach money to everything, including basic science. Perhaps it’s the romantic in me, but I think there are things that don’t neccesarily have an obvious or immediate financial return. We do them to understand our world. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the long and expensive particle collider experiments that are trying to understand the very fabric of our universe. Deeper insight may be our ultimate reward. 

A Thinking System - Mindsets Over Processes, Activities and Tools

Creative thinking and innovation are hard and we keep looking for one discipline or one perfect process to encompass all others. History shows we are at our best when different disciplines collide with each other in a non-linear fashion. Rather than choose one discipline over another, or focusing too heavily on thinking tools, I’m in the middle of developing a flexible thinking system made up of six fundamental mindsets. Like using pieces of Lego, I’m exploring how we can use the core six mindsets to build our own custom creative thinking processes and take on any problem we face.